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12/27 Reading - Thoughts & Comments DX3

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12/27 Reading - Thoughts & Comments DX3

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:31 pm

27-Dec Zechariah 13-14, Colossians 1-2, Psalms 1-5, Proverbs 27

Zech 13:7-9 (NIV) 7 "Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, against the man who is close to me!" declares the Lord Almighty. "Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered, and I will turn my hand against the little ones.  8 In the whole land," declares the Lord, "two-thirds will be struck down and perish; yet one-third will be left in it.  9 This third I will bring into the fire; I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on my name and I will answer them; I will say, 'They are my people,' and they will say, 'The Lord is our God.'"

When trouble comes, one third of the people are taken by God Himself into the fire.  It's in the fire that they are purified, tested, cleansed, and made more valuable like silver and gold.  While they are in the fire, and after the experience of fire, these people can call on God and He will answer them.  Why? Because they are His people!

We know that our God is a consuming fire.  We know that He sends his messengers as flames of fire.  We know that the three Hebrews were thrown into the fire where they met up with the fourth man and their chains were burned off.  We know that God will hit the earth one day with fire.  There is a river of fire that flows from the throne room of Heaven, and there is a lake of fire that the godless are thrown into after judgment.  Fire seems to pop up everywhere when talking about the fourth dimension of Heaven.

If it's true that God "IS" a consuming fire, then we must begin to embrace His fire as never before.  We must become one with the fire and run into it.  Most people run away from fire in great fear because that fire will burn away impurities and those things that are not eternal.  But you and I have an option to RUN INTO the fire of God and be changed by it? How?

COMPASS GUIDE takes us through God's living Word, the Holy Bible, and as we read it every day - it brings Heaven's fire to our lives, our goals, our thoughts, and purposes.  This is the best way to live in the fire, and to be changed by it.  I have never found another better way to experience the fire of God!  And how can I ever be a minister of fire if I don't first embrace the fire and fall in love with it?  And in Revelation, Jesus had eyes of fire.  Those eyes are the window into His soul.  How did He get the fire into His soul?  That fire is the WORD OF GOD!

As you prepare for a brand new year, make sure and double down on your commitment to read the Word of God each day as one of the first things you do after rising from sleep.  That Word will change you, it will purify and cleanse you, and it will help give you direction for your day, your year, and your long term goals.  God is calling us all to become MINISTERS OF FIRE.  Yet only 1/3 (Zechariah 13) will be led into the fire by the hand of God.  Take His hand this coming year and enter the refiner's fire!   king sunny  king

Tomorrow's Reading:
28-Dec Malachi 1, Colossians 3-4, Psalms 6-10, Proverbs 28

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