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07/24 Compass Guide Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves

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07/24 Compass Guide Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:29 am

24-Jul Esther 1-2, 1 Cor. 5-6, Psalms 121-125, Proverbs 24

Esth 2:20 (NIV) But Esther had kept secret her family background and nationality just as Mordecai had told her to do, for she continued to follow Mordecai's instructions as she had done when he was bringing her up.

When moving into divine position to be used by God, sometimes it's imperative that you conceal your history.  Loose lips sink ships. And sometimes, revealing too much of your history will knock you out of the running for something great in your future.  Follow your instruction given by the Holy Spirit, and don't talk too much!

When I was a young Christian at 19 years old, I had tremendous favor with my boss at K-Mart.  I was a garden center worker, quickly promoted to garden center manager.  After a few months further, the store manager dragged me into his office and commended me for my outstanding work in the story. He appreciated my work efforts while others were sitting on the job.  He offered me a position of assistant store manager.  I was elated and accepted.  After we filled out the documents, he asked me how old I was, and he guessed my age at 25?  I told him, "No, I'm 19 years old."  His mouth about hit the floor, and I'm not sure that a 19 year old was supposed to have that high up job.  But he went ahead and gave it to me and I believe that I gave them much more than they asked.  This was my final job before going full time into music ministry a few years later.  Keeping my mouth shut about my age and my history shot me to the second in command position at store level.

Queen Esther was being positioned by God to save her entire nation from the hell that was about to come down on Israel.  She would need to follow her instructions and submit to the wisdom of Mordecai.  She was obedient and she was successful in correcting an error that was literally made by King Saul 600 years before.  Her willingness to keep her mouth shut put her into position of greatness as the queen over the nation, and the salvation of Israel!

IF you are anything like me, it's really easy to talk too much.  Lord, tame our tongues and give us only your words to say at the appropriate moment.  Our tongues are like the rudders of a ship which turn the entire course of our lives.  Help us to keep our rudder straight towards your calling and dream.

COMPASS GUIDE will guide you into directive destiny and kingdom goals that will keep your mouth, your confession, and your heart focused on God's plan, and not your own.  Get a Compass Guide at .
Tomorrow's Reading:
25-Jul Esther 3-4, 1 Cor. 7-8, Psalms 126-130, Proverbs 25

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