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07/15 Compass Guide Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves

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07/15 Compass Guide Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:23 am

15-Jul Ezra 5-6, Romans 3-4, Psalms 76-80, Proverbs 15 

Ezra 6:6-12 (NIV) 6 Now then, Tattenai, governor of Trans-Euphrates, and Shethar-Bozenai and you, their fellow officials of that province, stay away from there. 7 Do not interfere with the work on this temple of God. Let the governor of the Jews and the Jewish elders rebuild this house of God on its site. 8 Moreover, I hereby decree what you are to do for these elders of the Jews in the construction of this house of God: The expenses of these men are to be fully paid out of the royal treasury, from the revenues of Trans-Euphrates, so that the work will not stop. 9 Whatever is needed--young bulls, rams, male lambs for burnt offerings to the God of heaven, and wheat, salt, wine and oil, as requested by the priests in Jerusalem--must be given them daily without fail, 10 so that they may offer sacrifices pleasing to the God of heaven and pray for the well-being of the king and his sons.  11 Furthermore, I decree that if anyone changes this edict, a beam is to be pulled from his house and he is to be lifted up and impaled on it. And for this crime his house is to be made a pile of rubble. 12 May God, who has caused his Name to dwell there, overthrow any king or people who lifts a hand to change this decree or to destroy this temple in Jerusalem. I Darius have decreed it. Let it be carried out with diligence.
The enemies of rebuilding the temple thought that they would use their political power to send a report and a request to King Darius, hoping that he would tell them to attack, dismantle, and stop the process.  I can imagine that they thought their letter writing and relationship with the Babylonian throne would bring swift "legal action" against the builders of God's temple.  BUT . . . .
When King Darius sent his letter back to them, they were met with swift, strict surprise and dismay.  The king did call for the rebuilding of the temple. Not only that, the king added some words to the decree and he COMMANDED These governing boys to fully pay for the rebuilding.  He commanded them to issue grants to the builders, provide materials, food, housing, transportation, and anything that they needed to complete the work speedily and effectively.  They found themselves on the changing winds of a political movement that required them to pitch in and make this thing happen. WOW!
This would be no different today than the NSA dismantling all surveillance and spy programs. The IRS would stop it's targeting of political opponents.  The FBI, DHS, ATF and all other three letter federal agencies would come totally into line with the Constitution and refuse to act or commission anything outside of the legal boundary lines. CIA would somehow become moral and start fighting for the good of mankind around the world, making friends instead of inciting wars.  And our governments would begin to honor the rule of law, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and they would begin to fund the agencies, organizations, and grass roots operations who are doing the work of caring for the poor, needy, sick, and struggling.  Could you imagine a world such as this?  It will happen - - - just as soon as America repents and turns her face back towards God.  King Cyrus did NOT issue this decree until the people of God were willing to work with passion, with their whole heart, and under threat of opposition.  They also were REBUILDING the temple rather than just restoring it.  This means that their previous sin had caused a total dismantling of the old system that they used to live in.  They were hungry and thirsty to get back to that old system which had previously died.  So historically speaking, there is much to happen in our world today before the Lord gives a commission to rebuild the temple (the nations and the people of God).
If you are a servant of God, and a follower of Jesus Christ, then the command has already been given to rebuild your temple.  What, know ye not that YOU are the temple of God?  And because the decree has been given, it's important to know that even God's enemies and yours - will begin to help you to rebuild.  They will provide you housing, transportation, a good job, finances, materials, and support which will help you build the true temple of God - YOUR NEW LIFE IN JESUS CHRIST!  They may not know that they're doing it, but they will fund and support you.  Accept it. Receive it.  Look for it.  They will come and help you build.  They won't be happy about it, but they will be under strict heavenly orders.
In Cyrus' days, if these people didn't help build the temple, they were to have their own houses torn down and they would be impaled on the center house beam for the entire city to see.  This is not a good political position to be in, with a house beam rammed up through your body, dead to the future of your community.
While the U.S.A. is not yet ready to be rebuilt, there are followers of Christ who are rebuilding the true temple of the Holy Spirit.  And YOU will find that the political world will actually help you to build it. Look for it. Seek it out. It's there!!  It won't be given in the name of the "first church of the old wineskin", but it will be given to the true building of the temple.  The political system of the world today, no matter how anti christ and deceitful, is under a command and commission to help you build!!  Yeehaw!  Take it and build!!  Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy 

Tomorrow's Reading:
16-Jul Ezra 7-8, Romans 5-6, Psalms 81-85, Proverbs 16
17-Jul Ezra 9-10, Romans 7-8, Psalms 86-90, Proverbs 17
18-Jul Neh. 1-2, Romans 9-10, Psalms 91-95, Proverbs 18
19-Jul Neh. 3-4, Romans 11-12, Psalms 96-100, Proverbs 19
20-Jul Neh. 5-6, Romans 13-14, Psalms 101-105, Proverbs 20
21-Jul Neh. 7-8, Romans 15-16, Psalms 106-110, Proverbs 21 

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