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06/17 Compass Guide Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves

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06/17 Compass Guide Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:49 am

17-Jun 1 Chronicles 9-10, Luke 21-22, Psalms 86-90, Proverbs 17 

Proverbs 17:2 NIV A prudent servant will rule over a disgraceful son and will share the inheritance as one of the family.

This scripture gives great insight for those who are looking to make a difference in the world.  Though you may have nothing, have not inheritance of your own, or come from a poor family, you can still walk INTO an inheritance on the earth.  How?

Plain and simply, if you can find a very wealthy man of principle who has a disgraceful and lazy son, you could end up being one of the family, being invited into "adopted" sonship by the father, and you could end up owning the farm.

I'm not indicating that we should be looking for the rich man to claim his inheritance.  But I am going to speak about principle that will secure an inheritance if your heart is right, and found true to servanthood.

Every father is looking for a son to follow in his footsteps.  But there are some sons who just will NOT follow and will not learn from their fathers.  This leads to very frustrated fathers who are begging God for a son to take his capacity and double it.  I've seen fathers like this all over the world.  And I've seen sons who are lazy, disrespectful, anti-God, anti-Christ spirited, and just wanting to get everything easy and free.

Living in Costa Rica, I talked with many people just this last week as we were on a search for farmland for a friend of mine.  The older generation was telling us that the farms are being sold to big corporations, just as they were in the US for one reason.  The current generation doesn't want to work hard and own land.  A good portion of these young people want to move to the city, get a sit down job, and make lots of easy money in a call center or some plush job that doesn't require hard work.  Therefore a generation of farmers is failing to hand the farm over to their sons.  This happened in the USA 20 - 30 years ago as youth didn't want to identify with hard work and farning.  Now, burdened with massive, unforgivable school debt, these youth own paper certificates to career education and can't find a job in that field.  They're toast, and may end up paying their school loans back while working at Wal-Mart. Ouch!

The spirit of servanthood will lead you to inheritance.  I can't tell you exactly where you will land, but if you serve in the manner that Psalms and Proverbs directs, you will end up serving a king who has an inheritance available for you to partake in.

A faithful and wise servant knows how to serve men and women of perinciple and wisdom.  This wise servant will work hard, lay down his/her pride, sacrifice and serve as if he/she were actually a son, and will walk in purity and honor, working as UNTO THE LORD.  This servant, though he/she will work all his life, will end up better off than the owner's son.

Remember the last Batman movie? When the Wayne estate was sold off (because they thought Bruce Wayne had died), everything was given to Alfred the butler.  He had always served faithfully, held family secrets, and was a true son to Bruce Wayne through his ups and downs.  The keys were handed to Alfred, who kept looking for Bruce just in case he was still alive.  If he found him, the estate would come back to Bruce and they would start the dynasty of Batman and saving the world together again.  What a cool theme!

Kings who learn the spirit of servanthood will end up owning the farm.   Men and women of principle are hard to find these days.  They are typically found in the older generation. And these people are desperately looking for a legitimate hand off to their wealth, inheritance, farms, businesses, and enterprises that they have built.  The generation that has raised up around us is becoming very lazy, walking in dishonor, and is willing to compromise principle for cash.  Not all, but a huge portion of the population.  Therefore, their inheritance is up for grabs.  And that inheritance can be inherited through the spirit of servanthood.  

If a man of principle ever sees you walking in the spirit of servanthood, principle, and hard work, you will be in line for inheritance.  This is a biblical principle that will work ONLY if we move in the spirit, the spirit of servanthood.  Don't look for an individual to steal their inheritance through a year or two of hard work.  You actually can't work with a secret motive of inheritance in mind.  The SPIRIT of servanthood will happily serve, even if there is nothing at the end of the job. Why? Because you are working for God and not man.  Your faith is in God for an inheritance, and He will provide it.

As a father, I can tell you that I will NOT hand off my prized possessions, businesses, and systems that I've built, to a faithless, worthless, ignorant, lazy son (or daughter).  It simply won't happen because I love God.  In my case, a servant would trump my son if he was operating in the spirit of servanthood (which is the way that true followers of Christ serve God).  I would honor that servant and bring him into my house of influence because I know and understand the principles of God.  This is just me, but I believe that men of principle and men of God would all say the same thing.  Proverbs 17 is clear and true from my perspective!  Take that principle and run!  

COMPASS GUIDE will turn you into a man/woman of principle. With a 25 word Core Vision Statement, a set of short, medium, and long term goals, and FOCUS, you set yourself up in the spirit of servanthood.  Serving God's dream that He invested in you is the highest form of servanthood that you could possibly honor God with!  Very Happy:D:D

Tomorrow's Reading:
18-Jun   1 Chron. 11-12, Luke 23-24, Psalms 91-95, Proverbs 18 

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